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The Heartbeaten Path

by Joshua Johnson

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Your love is like a drug, your voice a song So get me high on the melody Just another hit to move along And we can fly so easily Every single moment like a wave As your soul washes over me The beauty of your ocean makes me brave Take me out into your sea You are the sunshine When the clouds are grey You change my heart Every single day You make my life beautiful and new And I want to be with you You're clothed in beauty like the sun In the setting summer skies And all the gold the world has ever won Can't shine brighter than your eyes You are the starlight In my darkest nights When I'm with you Everything is right You make my life beautiful and new And I want to be with you Take my heart and leave this world behind Hand in hand with our destiny A hundred thousand light years in my mind But right now its you and me
Meant To Be 04:25
I was blinded by the sound I wasn't looking, but somehow I found a soul like mine, a beautiful light. Everything that's wrong just went right on that night. Cause baby, some things are meant to be In heaven and earth, there's only one you and me And I would climb across a thousand miles just to be where you want me to be. Cause you and I are meant to be I wouldn't be any other place And I'll never need another face to look at me the way you look at me It makes my heart believe, believe Cause baby, some things are meant to be. And in this whole world there'll never be another like you and me. And baby I would spend a thousand lives across the sands of time to have you with me. Cause baby you and I were meant to be. And I don't believe in chance, only chances. So of you find your one true love say goodbye to those silly romances. Ten billion to one, so I know that the hands of someone so much bigger than ours have aligned all our stars. Cause baby, some things are meant to be. And no one else could ever be you and me And baby I would fight to keep something this right by my side for eternity. Cause you and I are meant to be. You and I are meant to be
Flooding 03:55
Outside the rain is falling but its flooding all the way inside my heart, my heart woah. And my lover yea she went and found another brother someone throw a blanket upon that heart, that hard cold heart woah Yeah the leaves are fallin and the baby's bawlin, come and rescue me from the water that's rising above my eyes and my heart, my heart woah And I'm on the outside looking in, thinking oh my friends do you remember when? So when you see me walking the valley below, and you see the flood waters come and go, do you pretend - that we are still just friends? And the rivers just a running every trickle every drop an endless circle made to stop my heart, oh my heart woah And Picasso never knew the shapes and colors that you do when you do the things you do to my heart, my poor heart, woah. Come and take me over, and we'll do it over. And I'll never spend a minute trying to gain another win another love another sin upon my heart I'm on the inside looking out, wondering what was this whole thing all about? Taking care of her eyes and her ears and her body and fears for the days and the years until our time runs out. Runs out So you care but you don't oh won't you take another boat into the god forsaken ocean of my heart my heart woah
Fly 03:11
Oh love come alive And show me pretty things You know you’re my wings You know you’re my wings And time can stand by While we finish up these dreams You know you’re my wings You know you’re my wings So fly with me Out past the sky and the sea Past all we ever knew Pity the souls who can’t see the view from up here So fly Oh love how I feel Your warmth in every part You know you’re my heart You know you’re my heart And the sun cannot burn With the fire we impart You know you’re my heart You know you’re my heart
Time stands still while we look around and the world will crumble to the ground. Not a care in the world outside of your eyes everything we've known has been a lie, a lie And you carry me and I, I don't will carry you and we, are survivors of our own heart beats Now you stand with me, hand in burning hand. And the universe in our command. And you fly with me and I, I will be your wings and we, we will sing the songs that angels sing And there's nothing we can do And there's nothing we can say Everything has changed and we're the ones to blame And the remnants of our hearts Is the ash in which we play For the world has died and only we remain And I, I will stay with you and you, you will stay with me and we, are survivors of our own heart beats.
Quiet your soul, soften your breath Hope rages on like the war in your chest All of your fear invades like a ghost Masquerade of an innocent host Whisper lies that won’t compromise your steady heart Swallow your fear and taste all your lies Reality's war with the hope in your eyes All of your fear is written inside Secret words that you desperately hide Whisper loudly you won't compromise your steady heart Oh… Hold fast, slow down, stay your wandering soul Steady, still now, stay your wandering soul Lay down your arms, steady eyes to the ground Out of the smoke, let your sureness resound All of your fear invades like a ghost Masquerade of an innocent host Whisper lies that won’t compromise your steady heart All of your fear it fades like a ghost Crowning hope the victorious host And your lies no longer belie your steady heart


The Heartbeaten Path is a collection of songs describing the pathways taken by the heart - sometimes sunny , sometimes dark, yet somehow always familiar. The instrumentation and strings woven throughout will take you along with on a journey of fantasy, longing, joy and pain, aided by the expert sonic touch of one of the US's top Ambient Artists: Matt Kidd (Slow Meadow). Thank you for listening


released December 12, 2016

Production & Recording: Matt Kidd, Jeffery Armstreet
Guitars, Piano, Keys & Bass: Joshua Johnson & Matt Kidd
Drums: Dave Keil
Violin: Joanna Becker
Viola: Michele Gunn-Soliman
Cello: Aimee Norris
Recorded at Red Tree Studio in Magnolia, TX and at Matt Kidd Studio in Houston Heights, TX
Mastered by Bob Boyd at Ambient Digital


all rights reserved



Joshua Johnson Houston, Texas

Joshua is Singer, Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist based out of Houston, TX. As long as he can remember, he's been singing! Part folk, part R&B, and all heart on his sleeve - he has a rare true love for what he does, and is loved and respected by his musical peers, which include among them former members of shows like American Idol and The Voice. Be on the look out for a show near you :) ... more

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